Three Essential Tips for Enhancing Your Interior Space Using Plantation Shutters

You should think about using plantation shutters if the time for replacing your old window covering has come. Plantation shutters have a simple design which will enhance the appeal of both modern spaces and traditional homes. Also, these elements are favoured by potential homeowners. The addition of the shutters could increase the value of your property. However, it is essential to remember that the level of appeal and the value will depend on your window treatment selection. [Read More]

3 Beautiful Plant Varieties That Are Ideal For A Lush And Verdant Conservatory

Conservatories are a common addition to homes that experience cold winters. They're a wonderful way to enjoy communing with the natural world and enjoying the winter sun without having to brave the inhospitable elements at the same time. If you have a conservatory or you're planning to build one, then you may be hoping to create a lush, green indoor garden within the space. Conservatories are an excellent location to grow plants in. [Read More]

Shade Sail Splats: How to Deal With Target-Bombing Bird Droppings

When you decided to put up shade sails in your garden, you probably imagined how lovely it would be to sit under a gently billowing sail that gave you some stylish and welcome shade from the sun. Things may not look so rosy, however, when you look up at your sail one day and notice an unsightly blob of bird poo sitting on it. You can't do much to prevent your local feathered bird gang from leaving droppings on your sail every now and then, but you can make things right again by acting quickly to deal with the mess. [Read More]

3 Things to Consider When Creating a Foodie's Kitchen in a Small Space

The new generation of classy cooking shows and celebrity chefs has spawned a growing breed of adventurous and appreciative home cooks. If you're a true foodie that loves to cook up delicious and exotic meals for friends and family, then renovating your kitchen will be a joyful and exciting project. Many people imagine that a proper chef's kitchen needs to be spacious and if your kitchen is small, you may think you can't create a design that's a foodie's dream. [Read More]