Shade Sail Splats: How to Deal With Target-Bombing Bird Droppings

When you decided to put up shade sails in your garden, you probably imagined how lovely it would be to sit under a gently billowing sail that gave you some stylish and welcome shade from the sun. Things may not look so rosy, however, when you look up at your sail one day and notice an unsightly blob of bird poo sitting on it. You can't do much to prevent your local feathered bird gang from leaving droppings on your sail every now and then, but you can make things right again by acting quickly to deal with the mess. [Read More]

3 Things to Consider When Creating a Foodie's Kitchen in a Small Space

The new generation of classy cooking shows and celebrity chefs has spawned a growing breed of adventurous and appreciative home cooks. If you're a true foodie that loves to cook up delicious and exotic meals for friends and family, then renovating your kitchen will be a joyful and exciting project. Many people imagine that a proper chef's kitchen needs to be spacious and if your kitchen is small, you may think you can't create a design that's a foodie's dream. [Read More]

How to Prevent Fading in a Summerhouse

Found in a large number of suburban Australian homes, summerhouses are a popular way of creating an additional room in a garden. Because they have lots of windows, usually in the form of large glazed doors, summerhouses can get hot when they are not open. In addition, the amount of glazing allows lots of ultraviolet light in. In turn, this will cause the contents of a summerhouse to fade in time. [Read More]

Reasons To Choose Aluminium Frames For Your New Double Glazed Windows

Whether you want to block out outside noise, prevent heat exchange that jacks up your heating an air conditioning bills or provide better security against burglars and other intruders, there are many good reasons to install double glazed windows in your home. However, any double glazed window is only as good as the frames that hold the two separate panes of glass in place, and when it comes to choosing frames you have a variety of different materials to choose from. [Read More]