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3 Things to Consider When Creating a Foodie's Kitchen in a Small Space

The new generation of classy cooking shows and celebrity chefs has spawned a growing breed of adventurous and appreciative home cooks. If you're a true foodie that loves to cook up delicious and exotic meals for friends and family, then renovating your kitchen will be a joyful and exciting project.

Many people imagine that a proper chef's kitchen needs to be spacious and if your kitchen is small, you may think you can't create a design that's a foodie's dream. However, you can still have the culinary creation area that you long for even when space is at a premium. Here are three things to consider to help you to create a beautiful, stylish and functional chef's kitchen in a small room.

1. Build lots of storage

Storage is important in every kitchen but when you have a big range of gadgets, cookware and crockery, it's even more vital. Having a dedicated home for your items means you can keep your surfaces clutter free and have plenty of room for food preparation.

Including some open shelving is also a great idea. It keeps the room feeling more spacious and gives you a place to exhibit your cookbook collection and any decorative items that are too pretty to hide away in a cupboard.

2. Prioritise the essentials

Unfortunately, a small kitchen may not be able to accommodate every single feature that you'd include with more space. That's why it's important to consider the items that you see as essential when you begin the design process.

If you love to bake and roast, then double ovens might be something you need to find room for. If you tend to have many different dishes on the go at once, then plenty of bench space should be a priority. Putting some serious thought into what you can't live without will help to prevent renovators regret down the track.

3. Work with a custom designer

Designing a successful kitchen can be difficult and when your space is limited, it can feel downright impossible. Working with a company or designer who can create a custom made kitchen design makes a great deal of sense when it comes to making the most of the space.

A custom designer can help you to come up with a layout that works with the way you cook and how you move about the kitchen. They're also great at including plenty of clever storage and finding solutions to problems that seem impossible to a layperson.