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Licensed Dealer for Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. (PMHI)

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Build your Dream Home

R&D Package Homes offers the Owner/Builder and DIYer a completely fabricated frame kit with interior and exterior walls including siding, built-in windows, exterior doors, roof trusses, sheathing, and more. We work / partner with Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. The PMHI building system will enable you to create the superior quality home of your dreams.

R&D Package Homes delivers the framing shell and also provides consulting services to assist you in designing your interior finishes.

Wall Panels

Our wall panels are built to the highest quality standards in a factory and delivered to your jobsite.

Roof Trusses

Our roof trusses are engineered for your location and marked for easy assembly of your roof system.

Your Personal Touch R&D Package Homes provides the complete solution.

Consulting services available from Dirt to Done. We can assist with project planning, budgeting, scheduling and the many other aspects of building your new home.

Drafting and Design services are also available. Customers can choose from one of our Pre-Engineered home plans that may be modified to fit your personal tastes and lifestyle. R&D Package Homes also provides customers with the ability to use their own custom home plans.


Build green with a home package from R&D Package Homes. Our kit home significantly reduces wasted building materials, which is good for the environment and great for the bottom line. Building efficiently and building green go hand in hand.

Build Green

Our efficient system of panelized walls and roof trusses saves time and money. Construction time from delivery of your house package to an enclosed and lockable shell takes days instead of weeks. A faster build cycle saves money in both labor and equipment.

Build it

Kit home wall panels Kit home roof trusses Home plans Pre-Engineered Plans

We offer a variety of pre-engineered home plans for your selection. These plans can be modified as desired or we can work with you to create a fully custom design.

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Free 2 hour initial consultation.