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Trees You Can Easily Grow in Your Small Garden

Having a small garden doesn't need to mean avoiding trees. Although there's less room for roots to sprawl out, plenty of trees can flourish in small spaces without impacting other plants. Adding a small tree to your garden is an excellent way to attract wildlife and gain some much-needed shade during the summer. Here are some trees to choose from at your local wholesale nursery.

Olive Trees

It's hard not to fall in love with the natural charm that comes from olive trees. They're versatile enough to create a Roman vibe or if the rest of your outdoor space is modern, they bring grandeur to its historic feel. If you live in an area with good drainage, hot summers, cool winters, and little humidity, your olive tree should flourish in the ground. Otherwise, you can try growing a potted olive tree and creating drainage conditions that help it flourish. If you live somewhere that's prone to cold bursts in the morning when winter comes around, make sure you insulate your olive tree's pot to help it continue growing.

Amelanchier Trees

Amelanchier trees adopt different types of beauty as the seasons progress. In the spring, their flowers are often white and delicate. During the autumn, they become red and fiery. If your garden is especially small, try the snowflake variety that doesn't grow too wide. Alternatively, you can try the ballerina variety that grows slightly wider. Both look stunning when they're in full bloom and cope well in both damp and dry conditions. 

Magnolia Trees

Another excellent choice when you want to add some floral foliage to your garden is the magnolia. They require slightly cool winters and periods of rainfall at some point in the year. Otherwise, they can flourish well during hot summers but might need a helping hand when it comes to staying hydrated. Although they're tall, their width is narrower. This means they're unlikely to dominate your garden.

Crepe Myrtles

If you're looking for a tree that grows subtle flowers and doesn't require much attention even when the weather is hot and dry, try the crepe myrtle. As well as flourishing beautifully in the ground, they're excellent for growing in pots. This means you have a bit of flexibility when you have a very small garden or you want to add a tree to your balcony. It also allows you to move your tree with you if you relocate. 

For more info, visit a wholesale tree nursery in your area.