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Three Essential Tips for Enhancing Your Interior Space Using Plantation Shutters

You should think about using plantation shutters if the time for replacing your old window covering has come. Plantation shutters have a simple design which will enhance the appeal of both modern spaces and traditional homes. Also, these elements are favoured by potential homeowners. The addition of the shutters could increase the value of your property. However, it is essential to remember that the level of appeal and the value will depend on your window treatment selection. Here are practical tips for choosing the perfect plantation shutters.

Know the Material Options

You should evaluate the plantation shutters on the market and choose the best material for your home. The selected material will have an impact on the aesthetics of your interior space. In addition, your choice will affect the durability of your new shutters. The most beneficial material for interior shutters is aluminium. The metal is resilient and strong, and it is not vulnerable to moisture damage like wood. The material also has sleek and clean lines which will complement the interior décor. Apart from aluminium shutters, you can choose real wood and faux wood products.

Compare the Panel Designs

You should check out the different panel styles when shopping for plantation shutters. This factor will have a significant impact on the visual impact and the functionality of the window treatment. If you are looking for a traditional interior look, you should opt for full panels which cover the entire home. Double hang panels are favourable if you would like to open the upper and lower sections of the shutters separately. This style will give you more control over your privacy and management of light. You should also look into shutters which only cover half of the window. This modern design conceals the lower part of the window and leave the upper part open. With this style, you will have privacy with optimal light flow.

Consider the Louvre Sizes

You should compare the appearance of different louvre sizes before choosing the most suitable for your house. The louvres have a significant impact on the appearance of the plantation shutters after installation. Therefore, you must opt for the sizing that will have the best results for your unique space. In general, narrow louvres are more appropriate for a home with standard ceiling height. Large slats are prominent and imposing, so they will be overwhelming in small houses. If your home has high ceilings, you should use larger slats for a more harmonious look.

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