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Need A Better View? How To Tell When It's Time For New Skylights

If you have skylights in your home, you might think that there's no need for replacements. However, that's not necessarily the case. You might not realise this, but skylights can wear out, especially the older styles. Unfortunately, once skylights wear out, they can cause serious problems for you. One major problem is that older skylights aren't as energy efficient as newer styles of skylights. Read the list provided below. If you're dealing with any of the issues described here, it's time to invest in new skylights for your home. 

There are Puddles on the Floor

If you've been noticing puddles on the floor after the rain, there's a good chance that your skylights are leaking. If that's the case, it's time for replacements. Skylights can develop leaks for a couple of reasons. First, skylights expand and contract regularly due to weather exposure. Over time, the expansion and contraction can lead to leaks. Second, skylight gaskets can deteriorate, which can lead to leaks. Now that you've located the leaks, you'll need to have your skylights replaced. 

There's a Change in the View

If your skylights were clear when you had them installed, but you've noticed a change in the view, now's the time to invest in replacements. You might not realise this, but your skylights can lose their clarity after a while. Condensation is one reason for the loss of clarity. Natural fading and discolouration are two other reasons why your skylights will become opaque over the years. If you can no longer see through your skylights, it's time to have them replaced. 

There's a Draft in the Room

If your home has developed a draft, the problem might rest with your skylights. Like the water leaks, damaged seals can cause your skylights to develop air leaks. Unfortunately, those air leaks can create drafts, which reduce your home's energy efficiency. Not only that, but the drafts can also make your home uncomfortable, especially during extreme temperatures. One way to eliminate the drafts, and make your home more comfortable, is to invest in new skylights.

There are Signs of Damage

If your skylights are showing signs of damage, such as cracks, you might think that some minor repairs will alleviate the problem. However, that might not be the best approach to take. Sealing the cracks might stop the leaks temporarily, but it won't eliminate the problem. In fact, the cracks could expand. Or your skylights could develop additional cracks. To avoid the problems altogether, you should have your skylights replaced right away.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for new skylights from a local supplier, such as Velux skylights.