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Why Choose a Bespoke Wardrobe For Your Bedroom?

Bedroom furniture needs to be functional but it also ought to be stylish so choosing something that is standard will not always be the best option when redecorating. Old-fashioned wardrobes, in particular, tend to stand out with modern interior décor styles. To avoid an awkward-looking arrangement of furniture in your room, opt for some bespoke items instead. If you can only afford one tailored item, then make it a built-in wardrobe. Why is a bespoke wardrobe so much better than a standard storage unit?

Deal With Recesses

There are many bedrooms in Australia that do not conform to a straightforward layout. Although rectangular rooms are common, you may find that you have recesses formed by the walls, for example, with L-shaped rooms. Then again, you may have the eaves of your home's roof to worry about if the bedroom is in the attic space or you have a dormer window instead of a normal one. In addition, some older properties will have chimney breasts that run up inside them which tends to make two alcoves, one on either side of the chimney, that often aren't large enough for conventional wardrobes. To make the best storage use of such recesses, have a built-in wardrobe fitted. This will mean you maximise the footprint of your bedroom much more efficiently, something that is particularly handy with smaller bedrooms.

Utilise Vertical Space

Another benefit of bespoke storage furniture, like built-in wardrobes, is that they can make use of all the vertical space above them. This way, you'll get the most storage for the least amount of floor space. With a bespoke wardrobe, you can go right from the floor up to the ceiling. This is so much better than putting a storage crate or something similar on top of a wardrobe because when you close your built-in wardrobe's door, everything inside it will be concealed.

Greater Versatility

With a tailored wardrobe that is designed to meet your particular preferences, you can have it designed how you please. For some, this will mean sliding doors rather than hinged ones or a combination of the two. You might want lots of room to hang full-length clothes whereas others might prefer more room to store shoes on purpose-built shelves. The point is that with a bespoke wardrobe, you can have a combination of drawers, shelves and hanging space that suits your collection of clothes and where everything has its own place. What's more, you'll be able to specify the finish, the handles and whether mirrors will be fitted or not.

Reach out to a professional who can create a built-in wardrobe for you.