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Essential Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Commercial Combi Oven

Customer expectations in Australia's hospitality industry are constantly rising; hence, restaurateurs must be at their best to meet diners' needs. It means presenting delicious, high-quality food in the shortest time possible so that patrons do not have to wait long. Therefore, a combi oven is an excellent acquisition since it allows you to perform numerous functions using a single appliance. A commercial combi oven can bake, steam, roast, smoke, or poach almost any food type across the culinary spectrum. However, you need to ask critical questions before investing your hard-earned cash in a combi oven.

What Utilities Do You Have?

The utilities available in your commercial kitchen dictate the type of combi oven to buy. For instance, if your kitchen does not have a gas supply, buying a gas-powered combi oven would make little sense. Similarly, if your kitchen can only access hard water, you should buy a boilerless combi oven. The reason is that hard water accelerates liming, making maintenance a nightmare for chefs. The only way you can use a combi oven with a boiler without experiencing liming issues is if you already have a filtration system in your kitchen. Therefore, always consider the utilities in your kitchen before buying a combi oven.

How Much Food Do You Prepare?

Combi oven choice also depends on the amount of food you project to cook every day. Typically, combi oven units vary in size. For instance, if you plan to cook a few pots of soup and pasta, a small unit is the most ideal. Moreover, smaller units are most suitable for kitchens without gas utility because they are usually electric. Conversely, restaurants that cater to a significant client base need a medium or large unit. However, ensure that your restaurant can handle the electric load because medium and large combi ovens are high-capacity power units.

Do You Need Special Features?

Different combi oven brands have varying capabilities and features designed to improve the cooking experience. For example, some combi ovens include settings for quick defrost that allow you to thaw frozen foods fast. Consequently, your customers do not have to wait longer than is necessary for their food. Other brands have programmable cooking cycles where you can program a unit to perform different functions without necessarily opening its door. Besides, a self-cleaning feature has become increasingly present in the latest combi oven models. Therefore, it is essential to look at all the best combi oven models available in the market and only settle on one with the right features.