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Ways to Add Colour to an All-white Kitchen

You might want to remodel your kitchen into an all-white design to create a crisp, clean aesthetic. However, sometimes these decors can appear cold and drab. To counteract this, add a dash of colour to liven up space without overpowering the room. Here are some ideas on how to go about it.


A glass splashback can be back printed in a wide variety of colours. Choose purple, red, yellow, or aqua, for example. Splashbacks offer a wide array of colours as you can simply pick your selection from vast colour samples. The glass panels aren't interrupted by grout lines, allowing the tone to exhibit intensely without interruption. Because the paint covers the back of the panels, it won't scratch or wear off, no matter how many times you clean the splashback.


Another way to breathe life into an all-white kitchen is to install richly hued flooring. For example, place warm amber terracotta tiles and cover them with rugs. Alternatively, lay honey-toned polished floorboards. Establishing a brighter colour on the flooring rather than elsewhere won't disrupt the expanse of white cabinets, walls, and so forth.


Why not incorporate colour into a white kitchen by fitting bright appliances? You don't have to limit yourself to white or stainless steel. For example, modern fridges can be yellow, red, black, or blue. You could integrate a colourful oven into the decor by echoing a similar hue across the splashback area.

Kitchen Islands

Because a kitchen island only covers a smaller room area, you can get creative with bright cabinetry without overwhelming the space. For instance, you could install cobalt blue, purple, or green cupboards on the island. The white cabinets that surround the feature colours will draw attention to them even more. The island will form the ideal focal point, as it will contrast so much with the rest of the kitchen.


Another alternative is placing colourful accessories that are easy to change and update if you desire something new. You could, for example, connect gold, purple, or crimson pendant lights. Vibrant stools or chairs are another way to add colour to white kitchens. To unite the items with the rest of the space, replicate the colours in additional components such as vases, flowers, or a little toaster. Alternatively, you could make a statement with a stunning multicoloured rug on the kitchen floor. You can then change the aesthetic of the kitchen by simply changing the rug. Remove it entirely to convert your kitchen back to an all-white decor.