Developing Your Home and Garden

The Benefits of a Free Standing Carport as Opposed to a Garage

Carports are a very common feature among most Australian homes. If you are building your own castle then you have probably considered adding one yourself. The problem is that sometimes you will have to decide between a carport or a garage as the available space will not allow either. There are many reasons why a garage is a good investment, but on the whole, carports are more likely to be a safer choice for new homes, or for existing homeowners who are deciding which to add on as an extension. Here are a few reasons why you might prefer carports over garages.

Perform the Same Function at a Fraction of the Cost

Garages are fully enclosed buildings that require all the brick, mortar and cement that goes with that tag. That is a big investment for an area that will mostly just be used to store your car in. Carports can be designed to be elegant buildings that match the style of your home and have premium materials, all at a fraction of the cost of a garage. That is simply due to the fact there are fewer materials involved, the labour costs are lower because it is quicker to build and the designs are almost always already done beforehand and you simply pick out your favourite. 

Less Chance of Damaging Your Car 

Garages are very useful, but they can be a bit hazardous for vehicles if you do not have a very precise driver behind the wheel. For older Australians and those with poor eyesight or slow reflexes, the chances of hitting the end wall in your garage are quite high, especially if the garage is only just designed to fit your car into it. Carports are much more free-flowing structures, and often there is no wall at the end at all, so if you do drive too far, you just need to put it in reverse and back it up a little. 

Less Invested

If you realize you actually did want a garage after installing a carport, the cost to knock down the carport and rebuild a garage won't be as much as if the reverse were true. If you don't end up using your garage all that much or you want to use the space for something else in the future, then you may feel like you wasted a lot of money. Carports are built to last, but if you want to change them by removing them (or, perhaps, by adding onto them with more carport spaces) then this change is much cheaper and easier to do.