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Are Plantation Shutters an Ideal Choice for Contemporary Homes?

When in the market for new window treatments for your home, you will quickly notice that plantation shutters are a popular solution. But considering that these window furnishings have been around for decades on end, you could be unsure of how well they will fit into your home, more so if you have a contemporary design scheme. Certainly, plantation shutters are not new, but their unwavering popularity is a testament to how functional they are in old and new residences alike! And this can be attributed to the variety of benefits that they offer. Moreover, they are highly customisable, so you do not have to be concerned about how well they will fit in with your current aesthetic. If you are uncertain about investing in these window treatments, check out the following reasons why plantation shutters are an ideal choice for contemporary homes.

Increased insulation

One characteristic of plantation shutters that sets them apart from curtains and other types of window furnishings is the insulation that they provide windows. However, it is important to note that this will depend on the material that you choose since it is wood that has a high thermal mass. The thermal mass of wood enables plantation shutters to keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter since the material will help prevent thermal loss and gain when the exterior temperatures change. And when you take into consideration Aussie's temperate climate, this insulation is necessary if you want to keep your energy bills manageable throughout the year.

Aesthetic value

Undoubtedly, the prevailing assumption about plantation shutters that many homeowners have is that they are not as visually pleasing as modern solutions but this is a misconception. Simply because plantation shutters have been around for centuries does not mean that they have not evolved over the years. To begin with, these shutters are available in an array of new-age materials such as PVC, aluminium and even foam! These materials not only have varying appearances but also can be tailor-made to suit your interior design, which ensures that the plantation shutters will blend right in. Secondly, traditionally styled plantation shutters have a timeless appeal that works well with contemporary homes that have a boho-chic feel. So whether you want the updated touch that aluminium shutters bring or the warmth of wooden shutters, you are assured of finding window furnishings to suit your preference.