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Two tips for those setting up a bedroom that their two children will be sharing

If you're setting up a bedroom in your home that your two children are going to share, these tips might come in handy.

Build two walk-in wardrobes if you have enough space

If the room is fairly spacious, you should consider having two walk-in wardrobes fitted in it. Even if your two kids get along quite well, they are bound to have the occasional squabble when they share this room, as a result of, for example, one of them taking the other's clothes without asking or confusing their sibling's belongings with their own. You could reduce the amount of bickering that happens by giving each of them their own walk-in wardrobe, as each child can then keep the entirety of their clothing in their own wardrobe (as walk-in wardrobes are usually big enough to hold a lot of clothing). If they ask for it, you could even give each child a key to their wardrobe so that their sibling will not be able to just wander into it whenever they want.

Secondly, because a walk-in wardrobe is almost like a room within a room, it will give each of your kids some privacy on those days when they feel like being alone. They could, for instance, create a little fort in their wardrobe, with some blankets, string lights and bunting, and curl up in there whenever they want a cosy, quiet place to read or play a game. Additionally, being able to walk into their wardrobe will mean that if, for example, their sibling has some friends over who are hanging out in the bedroom, your other child can still get changed or try on a few different accessories in private, without actually having to leave the room and find somewhere else in the house to do this.

Consider getting some bunk beds

You should consider getting bunk beds for your children's new room. The reasons for this are as follows; firstly, having beds that are vertically stacked will leave plenty of floor space which you can then utilise for the two walk-in wardrobes, as well as perhaps some bookshelves and toy storage boxes. If your children have enough space for most of their belongings in their bedroom, they'll be less likely to store them in other random areas of the house, where they'll look untidy and potentially get lost or broken.

If you decide to do this, you should make sure that the top bed bunk has a barrier, as even if the child who will be using it is old enough to be cautious about rolling toward the edge, they could still roll off the bed in their sleep. On a similar note, you should ensure that the bunk beds you buy come with a sturdy, built-in ladder that won't slide around or fall off when your children climb up or down it.