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Top Features to Look for in a Modular Corner Sofa

Modular corner sofas have become increasingly popular among homeowners in recent years because they bring unrivalled comfort and optimise space in a home. Moreover, modular corner lounges are easy to configure, depending on your preference. Therefore, rather than go with the traditional centre-sofa arrangement, you should opt for the more relaxing corner sofas. However, you should make certain considerations when buying a modular corner sofa. Read on to find out.

Detachable Arms

Modular corner sofas come in a variety of designs. Some have arms, while others do not; you might want to go for a sofa that features detachable arms. The design allows homeowners some flexibility with regards to seat arrangement. For instance, if you want to create a free-flowing environment in your home, especially when hosting friends, you can easily remove the arms. On the other hand, when you want to use the sofa as a bed, you can put the arms back to support your pillow.

Most importantly, make sure that the detachable arms are easy to snap back in place.

Recliner Segment

A recliner allows you to lower the back of a couch and raise its base, which acts as a footrest. Ultimately, a recliner makes a modular corner sofa a much more comfortable seat, although the recliner is confined to one end. Most people worry that a corner sofa with a recliner needs a lot of room to ensure that the back can lean further without hitting a wall. However, this is not necessarily true because the recliner on some modular corner sofas is designed to recline even when pushed right back against a wall. Therefore, you do not have to worry about creating room for a corner sofa, especially if you live in a small apartment.

In-Built Bed

If you will buy furniture as big as a corner sofa, there is no reason why it should not double up as a bed. Modular corner sofas with in-built beds are, therefore, a great addition to your living room, especially for studio apartment dwellers. They offer you the flexibility to make sleepover guests feel at home without compromising on space. The feature makes modular corner sofas with in-built beds worth considering if you want to buy new furniture. The best part about corner sofa beds is that certain segments can double up as storage space. It allows you to store bedding, books, shoes, and any other item that might take up significant space in your room.

If you want to purchase an Aussie-made modular sofa, contact a home furniture store today.