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Get A Discount When Renting a Self-Storage Unit With These Easy Tips

Cost is, of course, a primary concern when you are looking to hire a self-storage unit. While it is an important factor, you should not base your decision solely on the rates a storage company offers.

That said, you can look forward to paying less for your self-storage unit if you get a good discount. How to get these discounts comes down to a number of tips and tricks, including the following.

Pay Your Rent Upfront

How long will you need to keep your items in the self-storage unit? Whether you have an estimate or you have an exact figure, making an upfront pre-payment of the rent for that duration can earn you a significant discount with most storage companies.

If you are not too sure about exactly how long you need the self-storage unit, ensure that there is provision for you to seamlessly extend your rental period. You wouldn't want to be stuck with having to move your items to a new unit at the lapse of your rental period.

Commit to a Long-term Rental Contract

You can commit to a long-term rental agreement for your self-storage unit without having to pay upfront for it, as outlined above. You are more likely to get a good discount if you agree to such a commitment, be it a year long or longer.

You should, however, also be aware that you are more than likely to be slapped with a penalty should you terminate the contract earlier. As such, you should be certain of your circumstances before committing.

Take Advantage of Referral Programs

Some storage companies have a referral program to help with increasing the client base. How this works is that if you refer the company to someone else and they end up renting a self-storage unit with the company, you will get rewarded. This reward is usually in the form of a discount.

Again, not all companies have such a program. You will, therefore, need to enquire about the same when you are first looking to rent. If you are satisfied with your customer experience, referring the company to friends and family should be no problem, and the more you can get on board, the bigger your discount will be.

Discounts can bring down the cost of renting a self-storage unit considerably. Apart from the tips outlined, you can always talk to your personal storage company about how else you may be able to get these discounts.