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Essential Ways of Caring For Your Overlocker Sewing Machines

Many sewing rooms have adapted the use of the overlocker sewing machine ever since it was introduced into the market. Creation is made easy and fast when using the overlocker. They also help you get a better-finished look. But like all other machines, proper care and maintenance increase the performance of the overlocker. Taking care of these machines is not difficult. Below are some ways you can care for your overlocker sewing machine. 

Use High-Quality Thread

Using high-quality thread is vital for both your sewing machine and the serger. You will likely face the temptation of getting the threads that are always on sale. But it is beneficial to spend a few more coins to get quality thread. The thread in the higher quality cones contains a smoother and even thread. Such thread will easily pass through the tension discs in your overlocker machine. The yarn will also produce less lint, keeping your machine cleaner. Since the serger machines cut and sew, they collect a lot of fabric debris. A shedding thread will only increase the amount of lint collected.

Rotate the Spools

The upper loop of the serger machines uses more thread than the lower one. So, you should rotate the cones after some time. Take the loop cones and exchange them with the needle cones. That will help you to run out of thread in all cones almost at the same time. Thus, you will be saving on the amount of yarn you use. You will not longer have to go out to get thread unexpectedly. 

Be Careful With the Pins

Always avoid running over a pin when sewing. That could lead to a serious problem with your overlocker machine. One pin can lead to severe damages to the knife in the device. That may force you to change the blade, or it may end up jamming the equipment. Also, the movement of the knife up and down the machine could cause it to fly to you. You could, therefore, end up getting injuries. The best way to avoid hitting the pins is by using those with clover heads. Such pins are easy to see as they come close to the knife. 


Using an overlocker sewing machine can bring significant benefits. However, you need to learn how to use your device for the best performance. Ensure you get the best thread and switch out the spools during use. You should also get pins that you can spot easily to avoid any damages or injuries. Finally, take the time to learn how to clean the overlocker sewing machines.

For more information about overlocker sewing machines, contact a professional near you.