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Tips That Will Help You Achieve a Hamptons Style Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of any home. This is because it is where all meals are prepared and where families gather. So, naturally, everyone wants their kitchen to look good. You can make your kitchen look appealing with the Hamptons style. If you see the Hamptons style in any kitchen, you will definitely wish that your kitchen looked the same. The traditional Hamptons elements will blend well with new ones, giving your kitchen a perfect look. When you decide to go for the Hamptons style kitchen, you may be overwhelmed because you are not sure whether you want a modern or classic look. You can, however, blend the two, achieving the best of both worlds. The following tips will help you achieve a Hamptons style kitchen when you renovate it.

Colour Palette

The palette is very essential if you want to achieve the Hamptons style. You can either go for white or grey. Most people will go for white since it is classy. However, you may consider blending white with a different colour. You can paint the walls grey. The grey colour will allow the white cabinets to pop in a way that you will love. If you choose to paint the walls white and all the cabinets are white, it might have less of an impact. The choice is up to you. 

Shaker Cabinetry

You should get the right cabinets to achieve the look that you desire. You should have them in a Shaker style and have them painted white. A semi-gloss finish for your cabinets could be perfect. It can also be fun to have a glass front in some of your cabinets. This gives your kitchen an appealing look.

Door Handles

Door handles on your cabinets will look beautiful if they are a contrasting colour. If you want your kitchen space to look more modern and classy, you should go for black handles. However, if you want something more antique-looking, silver handles would be the best option.

Black Tapware

Tapware is one of the most important features of a Hamptons style kitchen. Since you want to blend old and new features, tapware will help you achieve the modern look. Black tapware will go well with your white cabinets. Deep Butler sinks will add elegance to your kitchen. You should ensure that the sinks are white. These sinks will allow the black tapware to pop in a perfect way.