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Reasons To Choose Aluminium Frames For Your New Double Glazed Windows

Whether you want to block out outside noise, prevent heat exchange that jacks up your heating an air conditioning bills or provide better security against burglars and other intruders, there are many good reasons to install double glazed windows in your home. However, any double glazed window is only as good as the frames that hold the two separate panes of glass in place, and when it comes to choosing frames you have a variety of different materials to choose from.

Once upon a time, aluminium window frames were considered a practical and somewhat utilitarian choice of framing material, more suited to commercial and industrial settings than the more genteel surroundings of the average home. However, more and more homeowners are turning to this material for the frames of their double glazing, and for good reason, as aluminium has a number of advantages over other material choices.

What are the advantages of choosing aluminium frames for my double glazed windows?


Aluminium frames are the gold standard when it comes to window frame durability and will usually outlast the windows themselves (and often the walls they are set in). They are not vulnerable to rot and fungal growth like timber frames and do not perish in intense sunlight like popular uPVC frames. Aluminium's unique properties also make it completely immune to rust, even without protective surface coatings.


Smashing through a double glazed window to gain entry to a home is no mean feat, but many ne'er-do-wells sidestep this problem by breaking the more fragile frames surrounding the thick, durable glass. Aluminium frames prevent intruders from taking this approach and cannot be smashed, levered open or otherwise compromised without heavy-duty equipment and a lot of time. This makes them ideal for the more security-minded homeowner.

Choice of designs

Part of the reason aluminium frames were once relegated to commercial and industrial buildings was that they were only available in the drab grey colour of uncoated aluminium. However, aluminium frames can now be treated with paints and powder coatings that give you a wide variety of colours and shades to choose from. These coatings are generally extremely durable and will not fade or crack for many years to come.

Minimal framing required

Aluminium is considerably stronger than most other framing materials, which is a very good thing when it comes to holding the considerable weight of a double glazed window securely in place. This strength allows window manufacturers to use a minimal amount of aluminium to provide the necessary strength, making for slender, unobtrusive frames that maximise the amount of glass in your windows and, subsequently, the amount of natural light they allow into your home.