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Shower Screens—The Irresistible Appeal of Glass

You may have been deliberating on giving your bathroom a facelift, but could be wary of spending outrageous amounts of money on a large-scale remodel. When some homeowners factor in how much work needs to be completed plus the cost of all the supplies and labour, the project remains a non-starter, and they stay stuck with their decrepit bathroom. But this does not have to be your reality. There are small changes that you can make that can have a massive impact on your space; one of them is changing out your shower curtains for a glass shower screen. This type of enclosure may come with a premium price, but it is more affordable overall than an extensive renovation. So what makes glass shower screens irresistibly appealing?

Glass shower screens provide an instantaneous transformation

One of the most compelling reasons why you should install glass shower screens is the dramatic change they accord your bathroom. Firstly, the shower screens will make your bathroom look bigger, since they are not obscuring your line of sight. The transparency of the glass makes the bathroom automatically look more spacious, as compared to how a shower curtain can compartmentalise the room.

Secondly, glass shower screens immediately increase the amount of illumination that your bathroom receives. Since the glass is see-through, brightness permeates all corners of the space, eliminating any dark shadows that you previously had. Thirdly, glass shower screens inject a degree of sophistication to your bathroom, giving it a modern appeal that you would find difficult to imitate with shower curtains.

Glass shower screens are simple to keep clean

Another alluring feature of glass shower screens is the ease of maintenance that they provide. Shower curtains may be incredibly affordable, but they are also dirt magnets. Over time, soap scum, biomatter and even mould start to accumulate on the shower curtains. If you are not rigorous with your cleaning regimen, you will find that their appeal deteriorates at an exponential rate.

Glass shower screens, on the other hand, do not need any scrubbing. In fact, wiping the enclosure after a hot shower will be the ideal course of action, as any dirt on the surface is loosened by the steam. Additionally, selecting frameless glass shower screens ensures that dirt does not collect inside the metallic framing—keeping your shower enclosure grime-free! If you have some extra money to spend, go a step further and opt to have the glass treated with a self-cleaning coating that repels dirt, which makes keeping your shower screens spotless all the easier.