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Exterior Roller Shutters: Three Essential Features for Motorised Coverings

If you are planning on installing exterior window coverings, you should think about purchasing motorised roller shutters. In general, roller shutters are beneficial in homes because they will protect the window glazing. Often, intruders target windows when attempting a break-in and the potential losses can be high. With roller shutters, you will have home security. Unfortunately, standard exterior shutters can be difficult to operate because of the manual handling. However, if you install a motor, you will automate the covering, ensuring optimal convenience. Here are some beneficial features to help you get the most out of your motorised roller shutters from brands like Somfy.

Remote Control

When choosing your motorised shutters, you should inquire about the remote control options available for your preferred products. The remote control functionalities will have a significant impact on your convenience. Therefore, you should ensure that your needs are covered. You should examine the capability of the main remote. The unit should allow you to move the shutter to different levels. Some products will even let you set a favourite position for the shutters. You can also inquire about the possibility of connecting the window to an application. This feature can further enhance your convenience.

Auto Reversal

You should look for motorised roller shutters with an obstacle detection system. This feature will not allow the covering to close if there is an obstruction beneath it. Instead, it will reverse, preventing detrimental contact. You should note that connection between an obstacle and the shutter can stress the motor, causing accelerated wear. Also, some exterior shutter configurations have too much space around and beneath. Therefore, a closing window could cause harm to a naughty child or pet. For optimal protection, you should consider choosing the obstacle detection option. This feature is particularly beneficial for your home if you have ceiling-to-floor windows.

Burglar Resistant

You should think about obtaining motorised roller shutters with some burglar resistance capabilities. Under ideal circumstances, installing these coverings over the exterior parts of the window will increase home safety and security. In simple terms, intruders will not be able to infiltrate the home by breaking the window panes. However, the shutters are on the exterior surface. If they are not tamper-resistant, the intruder can apply force from beneath and lift the covering for access to the window glazing. You should choose shutters and motors with rigid or stiff links. These elements lend the capability to resist considerable force, preventing intruders from opening the shutters from outside.