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What to Check Before Deciding Whether or Not to Replace Your Garage Door Opener Remote

Your garage door opener can be operated manually by pressing a button on a wired, wall-mounted switch or by using a remote control device. Many of today's homeowners prefer to have both door operating mechanisms with the remote control as the primary door operation mechanism and the wall-mounted switch as a backup system in case the remote fails to work.

If your garage door operator remote is not working properly but every other thing including the wall switch seems to be in good working order, you should not be quick to replace your remote control on the pretext that it has no more service life left in it.

Here is a troubleshooting guide you can follow before making a final decision on whether or not to replace your remote.

Check your remote batteries.

When your car battery is bad or "dead," your car will not start until a new battery is fitted to the vehicle. It is pretty much the same thing with your garage door opener remote — if the batteries are bad, the remote won't work when you try to use it to operate the garage door. Troubleshooting for a power issue with the remote batteries should be the first thing you do, as a simple change of the batteries could be all that's needed to get your remote working properly again. If a new set of batteries don't solve the problem, then more than a battery change will be necessary.

Check your remote receiver.

For your garage door opener remote to open your garage from outside, it has to send radio signals to your garage door opener receiver. If the switch on your garage wall works just fine and the remote batteries are still new, it is likely that there is a communication issue between your remote and the receiver. Try to use the remote from inside the garage. If it is working well, chances are high that something is wrong with your garage door opener antennae or its extension. An antennae wire could be faulty or out of range. Another probable cause of the problem is that there could be some sort of interference with the transmission of the signals. This could be because of having other wireless devices in close range to your garage. 

Replace any damaged wires and extend those that are out of range — there are garage door opener antennae extension kits that you can use to extend the range of your antennae. 

If the above-discussed checks don't work, then the problem could be with your garage door opener remote itself. Ask a garage door opener technician to have a look at your remote control and have it replaced if it is irreparable or uneconomical to repair.