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Reasons Why Every Roofing System Needs Gutter Protection

Having a functional gutter system is essential in the prevention of undue damage to both your roof as well as the foundation of your primary structure. However, the gutters are also prone to clogging due to organic matter such as twigs, leaves and more. If left uninhibited, the collection of this debris will lead to clogging, which in turn creates the perfect environment for water to accumulate. Thus, it is vital for homeowners not only to clean their gutters regularly but also to install gutter protection. Nonetheless, you will find that some people assume their gutter system does not require protection if they do not have any trees on their property. Here are the reasons why every roofing system would benefit from gutter protection, overhanging tree branches or not.

Gutter protection prevents storm debris buildup

Not having trees on your property does not mean your gutters are immune to debris. Any trees in surrounding properties could also pose the risk of clogged gutters, particularly during stormy weather. When inclement weather patterns roll around, gale winds can carry a host of debris into the gutters. As a result, you can end up with birds' nests, soil, leaves and tree limbs in your gutters after a massive storm.

In addition to this, the debris that is collecting inside the gutters also facilitates the accumulation of precipitation, be it in the form of rain or ice.  Rather than be faced with extensive cleaning after each stormy period, you would be better off having gutter protection to prevent this from happening.

Gutter protection keeps pesky critters out

Your gutters are not only at risk of organic debris. They also provide a prime breeding ground for a wide variety of critters. The risk of annoying insects and rodents taking up residence in your gutters increases when the cold seasons come about. The animals will be looking for warm nooks and crannies to build their nests. And since the gutters offer a degree of protection from the elements, they are likely to start living in these structures.

Not only does this increase the chances of blockages on your gutters but the weight of the animals would also make the gutters pull away from the structure. Moreover, the animals can also gnaw away at fasteners and severely compromise the integrity of the gutters.  Gutter protection systems can prevent animals such as squirrels, rats, mice, possums and even birds from building their homes on your structure.