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Answering Your Questions About Flower Delivery

There are some specific times throughout the year when you will see an increase in flower deliveries; people often send poinsettias and other Christmas plants during the Christmas season, to themselves as decoration for their homes or as gifts for others, as an example. Of course, Valentine's Day also sees a huge increase in the ordering of roses, and summertime is very popular for weddings and flower ordering. If you want to order flowers during these seasons, or at any time during the year, note a few questions you might have about this process. This will ensure you get the right flowers for any occasion, and will help ensure their timely delivery.

Do they come in a vase?

When you see a flower arrangement advertisement that says that a vase is included, don't assume that the flowers will actually be in the vase when they arrive. Very often, flowers are packed in a box for safekeeping while in transit, and the vase will also be packed, but not filled with water! If you're ordering these types of arrangements as centrepieces for tables at a party, be sure to ask if they will already be in the vase, or be prepared to have someone available to unpack and then assemble the flowers and vases as needed.

What about international shipping?

If you want to send flowers to someone in another country, it's good to find out if this is allowed before you even start shopping. Many countries will have restrictions and limitations on the types of flowers and live plants that can be shipped across their borders, to avoid invasive pests and other such risks. Don't assume that you can't send anything to another country, however, as you may be allowed certain cut flowers but not live plants, or flowers that are native to that country. Whatever the case, be sure to check on shipping options for that country in particular before you spend too much time selecting your flowers or plants.

What difference does "locally grown" make?

Flowers and plants that are grown locally, usually in greenhouses, require less transportation to your delivery destination. This results in fewer fumes and emissions from delivery vehicles to get your flowers and plants to their recipient, making locally grown flowers more eco-friendly. Fresh flowers may also last longer and may be at less risk of arriving wilted or damaged, since they will have spent far less of their short lifetime in a delivery truck.

For more information on flower and lily delivery services, contact a local business.