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Simple Ways to Get Rid of Pesky Pigeons

When people talk about pest problems, they're normally referring to rodents, insects like cockroaches or anything that bites or stings. These types of animals make up a large proportion of the troublesome pests for business owners, but there's one more creature found the world over that can cause many problems: Pigeons.

From the countryside to small towns to big cities, pigeons are everywhere. Their success as a species is impressive, but if you're a business owner, there's a good chance you're struggling to find any admiration for them.

The trouble with pigeons is they breed quickly, all year round. Large numbers of pigeons mean lots of corrosive bird droppings, which can cover, stain and damage signs and buildings. And if you operate any sort of food or drink business with outdoor seating, pigeons can really spoil the experience for your customers – not to mention the hygiene risks. Here are some pest control ideas you can try to get rid of these prolific birds.

Take away their roosts

If pigeons have nowhere to sit, they'll often move elsewhere. While this is a simple concept, it's not always easy to do anything about it.

Buildings tend to have a lot of ledges and protrusions built into them, which pigeons love to sit on. You might not be able to remove them, but you may be able to cover them or block them off. When the pigeons can no longer get access, you should quickly start to see a reduction in their numbers.

Make sure you're not feeding them

As scavengers, pigeons will eat pretty much anything. Although you're probably not deliberately supplying them with food, you might be accidentally.

Make sure bins are kept securely covered, and keep the ground swept clean. If your business involves food, clear plates away quickly, and put up signs asking customers not to feed the pigeons.

Watch out for water

It's not just food that attracts pigeons. They drink water and use it for bathing, and even a few puddles can attract significant numbers. Try and eliminate any sources of water if you're having trouble getting rid of pigeons.

Give them a fright

If all else fails, scaring pigeons away can be quite effective. There are two main ways to do this: with sight and with sounds. Combining both is extra reliable.

Visually, pigeons will be frightened away by predators or anything that looks like one. Realistic plastic models of large birds of prey or other animals can work a treat if you fix them to rooftops and ledges. Alternatively, anything that moves or waves can also do the job.

When it comes to sound, you can buy devices that emit bird-scaring noises periodically, but remember to consider your customers.