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Why Should You Buy a Rocking Chair Made from Teak?

Rocking chairs are extremely comfortable, offering people a great place to sit back and relax as they gently rock themselves back and forth. There are a whole host of options available, but the discerning buyer will bypass them all in favour of teak furniture. Yes, teak might be one of the more expensive varieties of timber, but it comes with a wide range of advantages that make it ideal for rocking chairs.

Here are just a few reasons why a teak rocking chair makes sense.


First and foremost, teak is an exceptionally strong timber. Its tight grain structure allows it to take bashes and bumps over the years without denting, so you won't need to worry too much about damaging any teak furniture. Of course, this is incredibly important when considering a rocking chair. Over years of use, softer woods can start to deteriorate along the tracks, so the rocking motion will not be as smooth. Teak holds up exceptionally well, so your rocking motion should remain perfect. Additionally, rocking chairs tend to use quite thin supports, so the wood itself needs to be strong.


One of the great things about rocking chairs is that they are easy to move. You can't exactly pick up a leather recliner and take it outside, but you can pick up your rocking chair to go enjoy the sun. Unfortunately, most types of wood are not very good at resisting moisture. This isn't a problem with most furniture, but any swelling along a rocking chair is going to inhibit its ability to rock. Luckily enough, you can always opt for teak. You see, teak retains its natural oils after being felled and shaped. That's a rare characteristic, and it is these oils that resist moisture problems. As such, you'll be able to bring your teak rocking chair outside without a care – in fact, you'll be able to leave it out in the rain without having to worry about damage.

Good Looks

A rocking chair can be comfortable, but they aren't often the most upscale pieces of furniture. As such, they can look a little out of place next to the rest of your furniture. Teak is different. It possesses a deep colour and attractive grain structure that instantly denotes class and distinction. If you want a rocking chair that's as good to look at as it is to sit in, teak is where it's at.