Developing Your Home and Garden

2 Tips For Creating A Beautiful Garden Quickly And On A Tight Budget For Your Brand New Home

Building a brand-new home is a dream for many Australians. The many benefits of owning a modern home with pristine interiors and immaculate fittings and fixtures is a huge attraction for many people. One of the only downsides to a brand-new home is the bare and barren garden that you'll have to landscape before your home will look as amazing as you'd like it to externally.

Unfortunately, you may find that hiring a professional landscaper to create a lush and green outdoor paradise is out of your budget after you've spent a lot of money on purchasing land and constructing your home. However, it's possible to have your home's outdoor areas looking beautiful quickly and inexpensively yourself with these two budget-friendly ideas.

1. Buy plants from a trade market

Individually, buying plants for your new garden isn't expensive. Yet, when you need to buy an entire garden's worth of plants all in one go, it's surprising how quickly the costs can escalate. Instead of purchasing your plants from a regular nursery, find a local trade market nursery to get the same variety of plants for considerably less.

Trade market nurseries are those who supply professional garden contractors with plants for their clients' residential or commercial gardens. Although to get trade prices you'll need to be a registered gardening business, the price for wholesale plants for the public is still considerably less than at standard nurseries. You may also get a discount when you're buying in bulk.

2. Avoid established plants

Although it's tempting to buy larger, more established plants instead of smaller versions, this is a guaranteed way to blow your budget rapidly. Established plants may give your garden a more mature look, but they will cost you many times more than a less mature plant.

Instead, choose plant varieties that grow rapidly, such as bamboo, native grasses and native ground covers. With a little patience, in a few short months, these plants will have matured to a point that your garden will no longer look freshly planted and will be brimming with colour and verdant foliage.

Creating a beautiful and complimentary garden for your new home is like putting the icing on the cake. It's an important part of finishing off the project, which understandably makes it a top priority for many people. These tips will help you to achieve the garden of your dreams and let you begin to enjoy your leisure time in your new home faster.